advancing Oregon’s

workforce system

building and sustaining a skilled workforce.

We provide leadership that promotes and advances Oregon’s workforce system to ensure all Oregonians possess the talent needed for communities to thrive and prosper.

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equity focus.

Oregon Workforce Partnership recognizes that our impact is magnified when we embrace inclusion and diversity. As statewide leaders in workforce, we work to ensure all Oregonians possess the resources needed to develop the talent for our communities to thrive and prosper. Diversity expands pathways and opportunities for innovation and growth. We commit to embedding a justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion (JDEI) lens in our advocacy work, our practices, and to setting high expectations statewide that reinforce this stance. We believe every individual, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, ability, culture, color, age, or other distinguishing characteristic, has a right to the same opportunity to obtain quality, living-wage employment, entrepreneurship, or employment related training to reach their unique goals.


Provide leadership that inspires collaboration.

Pursue innovation through creativity and high achievement.

Be strategic by promoting solutions to complex challenges.

Maintain accountability through effective and efficient use of resources.

Promote inclusiveness through ongoing communication and the free exchange of ideas.

Drive relevance by focusing on continuous improvement in Oregon’s workforce system.



“We need to get more Oregonians into training programs that will get them into career pathways and progress on those pathways to self-sufficiency and prosperity. We need them now.”

Sen. Michael Dembrow, Senate Education Committee

“As we build a recovery that lifts up every Oregonian, we must invest in our workforce. By increasing access to skills training and building up pathways to quality jobs, we can meet the needs of essential industries and put more Oregonians on the road to stability and prosperity.”

Rep. John Lively, Chair of the House Committee on Economic Recovery and Prosperity

“In rural areas and across the state, the need for a strong workforce in the health care sector has never been greater. This bill will unlock Oregonians’ potential and support economic growth.”

Rep. David Gomberg

our members

Oregon Workforce Partnership is comprised of leaders from Oregon’s nine Local Workforce Development Boards. Each local workforce area is designated by the Governor and Chief Local Elected Officials from each local area identify organizations to serve as the Local Workforce Development Boards.

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